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Scrabble and Anagram Solver

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Enter any combination of letters into the box below and the database will find all anagrams and scrabble words that can be made out of the sequence of letters you provide.

Total words in the database: 95,436 words.

Anagram Solver

An Anagram is a word that can form other words when its letters are rearranged. This Anagrams Solver does more than just that. It also finds words that can be formed by using only some of the whole set of letters you provide. For example Silence can be rearranged to form Licence. This is an anagram. However, contained inside Silence are Lines and Slice. You can use this webpage to unscramble letter combinations in such a way. This comes useful when solving certain puzzles in newspapers and magazines. Not only does this tool allow you to search for anagrams by entering in words but you can enter any combination of letters and in any order. For example, searching for Creelv will find the anagram Clever.

Scrabble Solver

Using this tool as a Scrabble Solver - If you enter all of the letters of your tiles into the box on this page and click on the Find Anagrams button, you will be presented with a list of scrabble words including your letters plus wildcard characters from A to Z. For example if you search for the letters ZZPUL, the highest scoring scrabble words will be returned for ZZPULA, ZZPULB, ZZPULC, etc. So for ZZPULE the word PUZZLE will be returned, scoring 26 points. You will also find out that if you have a letter F on the board already (ZZPULF), you can score 25 points for the word Fuzz and if you have a letter B on the board (ZZPULB), you can score 24 points for the word Buzz. Obviously this doesn't take into account Double Word Scores and Triple Word Scores etc. but with a quick analysis of the words returned, it doesn't take much more brain power to mentally adjust the results returned in you head.

Random Word Generator

Using this option, the website finds a random word for you and generates a list of all anagram and scrabble words.

Or instead, browse for a word by following these on-screen instructions:

Please click on the letter that your word begins with.

Terms and Conditions - Used as a Scrabble Solver this can be a very powerful tool, however please do not use this tool as a means of cheating during a game of Scrabble. Instead, you may wish to use it as a useful learning tool by finding out which words you have missed after playing a game of scrabble.