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Online Sudoku

A Sudoku Puzzle is a game played on a grid of 9 large squares with each square being divided into 9 smaller squares. The larger squares (3x3 boxes) are technically known as regions. The aim of a game of Sudoku is to fill in each of the smaller squares so that each row, column and region contains each number from 1 to 9. The image shown here is a completed Sudoku grid that demonstrates this. The same number must not appear twice in the same row (Yellow), column (Green) or region (Red).


The History of Sudoku

The history of Sudoku is quite a puzzle in itself. The words Su Doku is thought to be from the Japanese (Sudoku, 数独). Su means Number and Doku means Single. Contrary to popular belief, Sudoku actually originated in Switzerland and travelled across America to Japan. They are thought to be an American invention. Leonhard Euler, a Swiss Mathematician developed the concept of arranging numbers in rows and columns so that the numbers only occur once in each line.

Popularity of Sudoku in Recent Years

Internationally, Sudoku has become very popular in recent years. People of all ages, gender, ethnicities and backgrounds can play sudoku and the rules are quite simple. It has been recognised as an excellent brain trainer and you can now play Sudoku online on tablets, desktops, websites and mobile phones. Puzzle books now often feature Sudoku puzzles and there are many variations on the game such as Alphabetical Sudoku, Hypersudoku and Mini Sudoku.

For many years before Sudoku's grew in popularity, many newspapers were dominated by Crossword Puzzles and Word Search Puzzles. In 2004, the Times Newspaper started publishing Sudoku puzzles and in the same year US newspapers began featuring Sudokus. It has become an International phenomenon and craze and has remained popular in many newspapers and magazines throughout the world ever since. Unlike word games, Sudokus can be played without any language barriers and you can play Sudoku online no matter what language you speak.

Since it's growth in popularity in recent years, in 2006 an International Championship was set up in Lucca, Italy.

What can Online Sudoku Puzzles do for You

Playing Sudoku online can boost your brainpower and keep your brain sharp. Playing Sudoku online is fun and engaging and is a good way to relax but mentally stimulate the brain at the same time. Playing a game of Sudoku forces your brain to think logically and maintains brain health. Your brain is the most complex organ in the human body so why not look after it. You can play Sudoku's online for free on WordWheels.co.uk - click here to play a game now. You will never take the same puzzle twice because each puzzle is randomly generated on the fly by the computer.

Sudoku is a good braining exercise so why not play Sudoku Online now. What are you waiting for? It's the ideal puzzle game to increase your IQ.