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9 Letter Word Puzzle

A Nine Letter Word Block Puzzle or Word Wheel as it is called on our website, is a 9 letter anagram puzzle game.

How to play:
Each word block consists of 9 letters and is configured with 1 letter in the centre and 8 around the outside. The aim of the game is to find as many words as possible within the time limit. There is at least one 9 letter word in each game but my advice would be not to waste too much time looking for the 9 letter word. You will score higher just looking for as many words as possible since finding longer words scores you no higher than finding a shorter word - each word is worth only 1 point. While playing a Nine Letter Word Puzzle you will need to bear in mind that each word must use the central letter and be at least 3 characters long in length.

More information:
What makes this 9 letter word puzzle game unique across the Internet is that you never play the same game twice and you can play unlimited games for free online. Most other word wheel games on the Internet are simply just printouts that you print off to play with a pencil and paper. Not only that but we give you a statistical breakdown of the results of your game afterwards so you can compare how you have scored in comparison with others. We also let you know what words you have missed, what the highest scores are for today, the whole week, month and highest score of all time. These figures are given for all 3 game lengths available to play, 2, 3 and 5 minute games. Visit our All time high scores page and see how your score compares with others. Happy puzzling!

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